Bike Repair and Maintenance Services: Your Bike's Best Friend!

Whether your bike needs a simple fix or a comprehensive tune-up, our expert team is here to assist you. Just bring your bike in, and we'll conduct a thorough assessment to recommend the necessary repairs and maintenance. Our range of services includes everything from addressing flat tires to installing accessories, many of which can be conveniently completed while you wait.

Got questions or a specific need not listed below? Feel free to reach out to us via phone or visit our store in person.

Please note that the prices mentioned are exclusive of parts, unless stated otherwise. The nature of services and their associated costs can differ based on individual bikes. The pricing details provided here are intended for informational purposes only. For a precise quote, we'll need to inspect your bike physically. It's important to know that all services are carried out at our discretion, ensuring the best care for your bike.

We look forward to serving you and your bike's needs! Give us a call.

Please take note that the prices listed exclusively cover the service itself. Unless explicitly mentioned, the costs of parts are not encompassed within these prices. It's essential to understand that the range of services offered and the corresponding costs can differ depending on the unique specifications of each bike.

Electric Bicycle Repair Services

Tune - Up Packages

Basic Package - $85:
This package encompasses essential maintenance tasks. We'll meticulously adjust gears and brakes to ensure optimal functionality. Wheel truing and drivetrain lubrication are also included. However, it's important to note that this package does not cover part installation or cleaning.

Annual Package - $185:
Our annual package offers comprehensive maintenance. It involves a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, and re-assembly of all movable components. Additionally, we include labor for installing most parts and accessories. Notably, this package excludes bearing overhauls and hydraulic brake bleeds.

Overhaul Package - $380:
For a thorough rejuvenation, the Overhaul Package is recommended. Building upon the Annual Package, this option includes in-depth servicing of every facet of your bike. This encompasses hub and headset bearings, components of full-suspension frames, and brake bleeds. Moreover, cables and housing are incorporated in this package.

Please remember that the provided prices exclusively cover labor and services. Any required parts are not included unless explicitly stated. These service tiers ensure your bike receives the care it deserves, and we look forward to assisting you in maintaining your bike's performance at its best.

Bike Assembly & Frame-Up Builds

Ordering a new bike? Shipping your trusty bike back home? We're happy to receive and assemble it for you! Please reach out to us before shipping.

Boxed Bike Builds 

Tier 1 $50 (Single-speed, Cruiser, Kids Bike)

Tier 2 $100 (Externally geared, minimal accessories)

Tier 3 $130 (Internally Routed Cables, Carbon, Triathlon)

Tier 4 $225 (Cargo, Electric, Trike, Hydraulic Disc)

Frame-Up Builds $225-300

Strip Bike Frame $100

Drivetrain Service

Derailleur Adjust $18/ea   Gear Cable Install $20-35/eaShift Lever Install $50-60/eaBottom Bracket Adjust $15, Install $35, Overhaul $50Cassette/Freewheel Install $15Chain Install/Resize $12Crank/Chainring Install $25-50Derailleur or Hanger Install $35Complete Drivetrain Clean $80

Tools and Maintenance