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Heavy Duty Bike Rack For Car - Fit 2 Ebikes

Heavy Duty Bike Rack For Car - Fit 2 Ebikes

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A safe heavy duty can mount for 2 ebikes

Feature 1: Zero Contact with Bike Frame

Our frameless contact design ensures zero contact with your bike frame, protecting it from any potential damage. Say goodbye to scratches and dents!

Feature 2: Large Load Capacity

With a maximum safe load of 145 lbs, our bike rack can easily transport multiple bikes of different sizes and weights.


Tips for Safe Transportation of Your Electric Bike on a Hitch Rack

Electric bikes are an excellent mode of transportation, but they can be challenging to transport. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and secure transportation of your e-bike on a hitch rack.

Tip 1: Remove Front Basket and Fender

For improved stability, remove the front basket and fender before mounting your e-bike on the hitch rack. Ensure all straps and telescoping bar clips are securely fastened to the frame or wheels.

Tip 2: Mount Near the Rear of Your Car

When mounting your e-bike on a hitch rack, it should be mounted near the rear of your car. This will ensure better weight distribution and improved stability while driving.

Tip 3: Remove the Battery

Before transporting your e-bike, remove the battery to prevent any potential damage. This will also make your bike lighter, making it easier to transport.

Tip 4: Drive Safely

When driving with your e-bike on a hitch rack, ensure that you don't exceed 75 mph. Slow down when driving in sharp road conditions, such as turns or bumps, to prevent any potential damage to your e-bike or the hitch rack.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure a safe and secure transportation of your electric bike on a hitch rack. Enjoy your ride, and stay safe on the road!

Maximum Number of Bikes: 2
Payload Capacity: Max. 145lbs(65kg)
Bike Weight Limit (per bike): Max. 72.5lbs
Rack Size: 53" * 29" * 42"
Rack Weight: 51lbs(23kg)
Maximum Tire Width: 5"
Maximum Wheel Diameter: 29"
Maximum Wheelbase: 1250mm


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