The Best Camping Spots You Have to Check Out in Ontario this Spring and Summer

The Best Camping Spots You Have to Check Out in Ontario this Spring and Summer

The last few years of the Covid-19 pandemic have made camping and outdoor adventures an increasingly popular form of recreation. It’s been a tough few years and everyone could use some time out in nature, so read on below for the best camping spots to check out in Ontario this year.

Rockwood Conservation Area

The Rockwood Conservation Area is a popular destination with over 100 campsites. It opens for the year on May first and boasts one of the most extensive cave networks in Ontario as well as the historic ruins of the Rockwood Wollen Mills. The Conservation Area also has a large sandy beach for visitors to use. This park has over 65 thousand visitors each year making it one of the most visited outdoor destinations in Ontario.

Thousand Island National Park

For campers who prefer a more refined experience and don’t like the gritty feeling of normal camping, Thousand Island National Park is the perfect destination. The park campsites each feature an otentik, a cross between a tent and an a-frame cabin, which makes camping easier and decreases the preparation and setup time involved. Since sleeping accommodations are included this campground is more expensive than others in the area, and sites start at $96 per night.


Elora Gorge Conservation Area

The Elora Gorge Conservation Area is a park with a huge range of activities for campers to enjoy, and visitors are drawn in by the many beautiful lookout spots and the convenient access to the Grand River. The park features rapids that you can explore on an inner tube or kayak as well as an abandoned quarry that campers can swim in and a large series of trails. The quarry is open for swimmers starting June 15.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park is host to a wide variety of natural and historical features. The park has multiple lakes, as well as a 100-meter high cliff face called Mazinaw Rock. Mazinaw Rock is inscribed with over 260 indigenous pictographs and is a perfect spot for those interested in history or indigenous culture. The park is open from May 13 through October 16th.

Craigleith Provincial Park

Craigleith Provincial Park is a small park located on the shore of the Georgian Bay and is famous for its unique collection of fractured oil shale plates. Fossils over 450 million years old can be found on the plates, which makes this an exciting camping destination to take kids or other fossil lovers to. The park has 172 campgrounds and opens on May 1.

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