Off-Season Snowboard Maintenance Tips

Off-Season Snowboard Maintenance Tips

Sadly you can’t snowboard all year unless you plan to travel the world, which if you want to, you can go for it! For everyone else, the snowboard season will come to an end, and you need to ensure you’ve got good snowboard maintenance setup and it's ready for action next season. We provide the snowboard waxing service in Toronto.

What are the best snowboard maintenance methods to ensure it’s instantly ready when the snow arrives again? Listed below are some excellent snowboard maintenance tips that you can follow easily.


Tune Up

If you’ve never waxed your snowboard before, or it’s been a long time, you may be seeing some of the typical issues faced with a dried-out snowboard.


  • Less Agile
  • Lowered Performance

Without proper waxing, your snowboard isn’t going to last for a long time, and the gradual performance issues you face will make you want to replace it. However, getting it waxed is a great way to keep it working at optimal performance for many years.You’ll also find that a waxed snowboard will give you even better results on the snow by allowing you to glide over the snow easier and making your ride even faster.

One of the big benefits of getting Arker Sport to do your snowboard wax is that it’s easier for you, and you may not know which wax you need as different locations and temperatures require different kinds of wax. So just tell us where you’re going and for how long, and we’ll get you sorted with the perfect snowboard wax.

Even if you just purchased your snowboard, it will probably have a thin layer of factory wax on it, which will only last you for 1-2 days. Snowboard waxing is an ongoing requirement that you’ll get tired of pretty quickly if you don’t have someone to do it for you.

It’s a good idea to put your snowboard away for the season with a fresh coat of snowboard wax on it to ensure it’s nourished and ready for the coming new year. There’s nothing worse than pulling out your snowboard months later and realizing it’s dried out and not looking great.

Tips For Snowboard Maintenance And Storage

Your snowboard is pretty simple and doesn’t require too much care, but there are a few items you should take care of before you stick it in your closest for the summer or between snow visits so that when your next adventure comes, you’re not left paying for a new snowboard or wasting time getting repairs done.


Listed below are some simple tips for your summer snowboard maintenance and storage.

Prep Your New Snowboard

As soon as you get a new snowboard, you should be getting it ready to be a part of many of your snow seasons, and that requires snowboard maintenance straight away to get it prepped. Your snowboard comes fresh from the factory with a thin layer of wax that will be gone within 1-2 days of casual snowboarding. For optimal results, you should be hot waxing your snowboard before its first run.

If you decide against the snowboard waxing service, you can still do it yourself somewhat easily. You should ensure you do so that it lasts longer and goes faster on all your runs. To wax a snowboard, you’ll need good quality wax, an iron, and a scraper. You can buy specialized tools at most snowboard shops, but if needed you can just use an old clothes iron from home.

You’ll be able to watch a quick youtube video to see how it’s done if you really want to do it yourself.


Ongoing Wax Maintenance Schedule

Waxing can’t just be done once when you first get your snowboard; as you ride it, the wax will wear off, and the benefits will decrease until it’s mostly gone. You need to wax your board as soon as you get it but also have an ongoing schedule and routine to make sure that your board is always waxed and running optimally.

If you haven’t got time to go to a shop, and you haven’t had a schedule set up, and you notice your board is lacking enough wax and you just want to get up the mountain as soon as possible, grab a block of cold wax and rub it all over your board.  Cold wax won’t be as effective but is better than nothing and will ensure that your run that day is good, but you’ll need to get a hot wax put on ASAP.


Repair Any Gashes

If you’ve been going early or late in the season, you may have some gashes in your snowboard from the exposed rocks, or maybe you just got unlucky on the mountain and found the single rock that was lying around still.You may have gashes and scratches on your board, and the simple option for small scratches is just to keep hot waxing and buffing out the scratch, so it’s not a big deal and hidden away. For longer gashes that don’t do well with hot wax, you’ll need to take it in for repair or consider buying some P-Tex candle to do the repair yourself. You’ll need to watch youtube to see how it’s done, and find the product or something similar to you locally.

Keep Your Snowboard Dry

After every day of use, you need to wash off and completely dry down your snowboard, so there is no dirt or filth, and certainly no water left to dry on your snowboard. This should be done daily and after your overall trip. You’ll also want to do a snowboard wax after your trip if you haven’t been doing it during.

Storage Plan

At the end of the season, completely clean your snowboard, dry it thoroughly, and apply an extra thick layer of wax and store it in a cool, dry location, away from anything that could bump or scratch it during the summer.

When winter comes, you’ll want to scrap the layer of wax off and reapply a more normal thickness of hot wax, so it’s ready to go.  Check our tune up service: TUNE UP

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