How to install a Boost Fin in your surfing board or sup?

How to install a Boost Fin in your surfing board or sup?

  1. Check Compatibility: Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that the Boost Fin is compatible with your surfboard or SUP. Review the article or product specifications to confirm it's suitable for your board type.

  2. Prepare the Fin and Adapters: Make sure you have the Boost Fin and the special adapters required for installation.

  3. Insert the Adapter: Take the special adapter provided with the Boost Fin and insert it into the fin box or fin slot on your surfboard or SUP. The adapter is essential for attaching the Boost Fin securely.

  4. Place the Boost Fin: Once the adapter is properly inserted, place the Boost Fin on top of the adapter. Align it with the fin box or slot on the board.

  5. Screw in the Fin: With the Boost Fin in position, use the provided screws or fasteners to secure the fin in place. Carefully screw it into the adapter to ensure a tight fit. Be cautious not to over-tighten the screws to avoid damaging the screw threads or the board.

  6. Check the Installation: Double-check that the Boost Fin is securely fastened and stable. Wiggle it gently to ensure there is no play or looseness.

  7. Avoid Drilling: As mentioned, the installation process for the Boost Fin should not require any drilling. Follow the provided instructions to ensure a drill-free installation.

  8. Final Inspection: After installing the Boost Fin, inspect the installation to ensure everything is in place and secure. Ensure that the fin does not obstruct the movement of the board or affect its stability.


With these instructions, you should be able to install the Boost Fin on your surfboard or SUP within around 5 minutes, without the need for drilling. However, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific product you have to ensure a proper and safe installation.

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