How long does the E-boost fin battery last(Regular Eboost Fin)?

For Surfing:

The Boost Fin offers two switching modes: long boosts for paddling out and short boosts for catching waves. You can customize the parameters of these modes through the accompanying app according to your preferences. With a fully charged battery, you can expect approximately 2 hours of on-and-off boosting. Rest assured, running out of battery mid-session is unlikely as most sessions utilize no more than 60% of the battery's capacity.

For Paddleboarding:

The Boost Fin provides three continuous modes with varying power levels specifically designed for paddleboarding. These modes include SUP Assistance, which offers 100 minutes of operation, SUP Trolling with 70 minutes, and SUP Wind providing 40 minutes of operation. These power levels cater to different paddleboarding needs, allowing you to select the appropriate mode for your session.

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