Get your bike or Ebike ready with Arkersport tune up service in Toronto

Get your bike or Ebike ready with Arkersport tune up service in Toronto

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Photo credit: Wend performance

Basic ($85):

  • Adjustment of gears and brakes: This involves fine-tuning the gear shifting mechanism and brake system for optimal performance.
  • Truing of wheels: The wheels are checked for any wobbling or misalignment and adjusted accordingly to ensure they spin smoothly.
  • Lubrication of drivetrain: The drivetrain, which includes the chain, cassette, and derailleurs, is cleaned and lubricated to reduce friction and maintain smooth operation.
  • Note: This level does not include installation or deep cleaning of parts.



Annual ($185):

  • Full disassembly, cleaning, re-assembly, and adjustment of all moving parts: The bike is completely taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled. All moving parts, including the drivetrain, brakes, gears, and other components, are thoroughly inspected and adjusted for optimal performance.
  • Labor to install most parts/accessories included: If you have any additional parts or accessories that need installation (excluding bearing overhauls or hydraulic brake bleeds), the labor cost for that is covered in this service level.


EBIKE: free first time tune up for Magicycle EBIKE which order from Arker sport, $80 for bikes order from other store or directly from the Magicycle official site. $120 for other Ebike brands.


Need appointment, please email: for the tuneup service



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