Choosing the right model for you is not easy. Facts such as your weight, height, surfing level or what will you use it for are crucial to make this decision.

This is why we have written the definite guide to choose your Slide Surfskate:


Weight & Height

These two numbers’ importance is relative. Tall people tend to have big feet and less balance. This is why we would recommend our longer models for these kinds of riders. Wheels are also important, as our 70mm wheels have more surface touching the ground, which makes them more stable.

On the other hand, petite riders might find it more fun to ride a smaller board. Our shorter models tend to be more responsive, but we always keep an eye on making the nose wide enough to preserve stability.

Weight is less important, but heavy riders tend to be tall so… better to go for a longer model!


Surf/skate level

People used to practice gliding sports might find it easier to ride a surfskate. You don’t need to be a pro, however in most cases riders that are used to gliding sports (surfing, skating, skiing, etc) tend to find it easier to pump.

Don’t panic! If you are a beginner, we would recommend you our 70mm wheels set-up models, and a shape with a wide nose (Gussie 31” or Swallow 33”)


Where will you ride your Slide?

This might be the most relevant information: Will you use it to practice surf turns in the bowl? As a means of transport? For both?


If you are looking for something to practice radical surf turns in the bowl or skatepark, it’s important that you go for our shorter models (31” or less), as you will find it easier to make sharp turns with these boards. For more experienced riders, we strongly recommend our models set-up with 65mm wheels (Fish Marrajo 32” or Swallow Grom 30”)


On the other hand, riders looking for a cruiser or longboard-like experience will enjoy comfortable, smooth shapes with big wheels (Gussie 31”, Diamond 32”, Swallow 33”, Neme Pro 35”).


This doesn’t mean that a Gussie can’t go inside a bowl or that a Fish can’t be used for cruising. Our boards are designed with a wide front to be very stable for riding in any condition. Also, the wheel size is quite large and the hardness is low, which makes them very polyvalent for any kind of riding.


This post was written by sancheski


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