Benefits of using A Balance Board

Benefits of using A Balance Board

Introducing a balance board into a fitness program is a fun and effective way to challenge your body and continue to get progressive results.  This instability means that your body must work harder to maintain stability by building new muscle groups to perform relatively simple tasks. 

Sometimes lifestyle or injury can result in poor posture patterns  and imbalances in weight distribution that lead to knee joints, hip instability, or back problems that many of us are familiar with.  The glutes, core, lower back and leg muscles are properly reactivated and work together in a more balanced and effective training mode.  Ultimately, after prolonged use, your body will unconsciously adopt these new healthy training modes, which means good posture and less pain.  The simple concept of the Balance Board is easy to integrate into your everyday life, so you can improve your posture and stability even if you don't have time for a regular fitness program. 

Good stability in everyday life can significantly reduce the risk of falls and possible long-term injuries.  Exercise with a balance board can have a significant positive effect on your stability, especially on your ankles.  By using the balance board to develop the fine motor skills and coordination of the ankle, the movement and response of the ankle on unstable surfaces can become more effective and the risk of falls can be reduced.  Sitting at a desk for a long time, commuting to and from get off work, and watching TV at night can cause muscle imbalance and weakness, which can lead to poor posture. 

Balance boards can also be helpful in preventing falls. The board’s low-impact nature helps strengthen the small muscles in the feet and lower legs that are responsible for balance. If these muscles are weak or not working well enough, you may lose your balance and fall. This is especially important for people who have impaired vision, like those with diabetes or Parkinson’s disease.

Balance boards are also beneficial for people with joint problems, like arthritis. To strengthen your joints, try balancing on one foot at a time while slowly shifting weight onto the other foot. Make sure to alternate feet every few minutes! Finally, balance boards can also help increase the flexibility in your ankles and knees, which is good news if you suffer from chronic pain.

How a Balance Board can help in Different Sports

Balance Board For Hockey Players

All great Hockey players will tell you how important it is to work on your core. Your Core strength determines most of the skills needed in Hockey, whether that be gliding through the ice rink or taking a slapshot a core is used in every aspect of the sport. That is why we recommend all hockey players to invest in a balance board. It is also an amazing tool to enhance all of your skills such as, skating, body checking, passing, deking and most importantly keeping your physical health in check. Just a few minutes a day on a balance board can work wonders on the ice. You shoot harder, move faster and stay upright more often!

Balance Board for Snowboarders

A balance board is a great way to train and improve your balance and coordination. Which is a goal for all Snowboarders. If you've hit the winter hills you'll know Snowboarding requires a lot of balance and core strength, something which a balance board directly targets . If you want to get better at snowboarding and improve you must invest in a balance board. A balance board is an indispensable tool to improve your coordination. With the Balance Board you can train almost anywhere, anytime. Many snowboarders use the balance board as a training device, especially in the off-season, to maintain and improve their skiing/snowboarding  skills. To see our selection of Winter sport equipment Click Here.

Balance Board for Surfers

The last sport we would like to cover is for all of the Surfers. Surfing requires not only a ton of mental strength but also a great deal of  concentration and balance. Riding the waves with the sun hitting your back and enjoying the fresh air is an amazing feeling. To prolong this feeling surfers work hard on their craft to try and stay on their Surfboards. In order to do this Surfers balance both feet with a low center of gravity to balance on their boards. A position similar to one on a Balance board. Except a balance board can be practiced in any climate. Thus making it the perfect investment for any surfer who is trying to perfect their craft. A balance board will strengthen one's core and overall balance. Check out Arker Sports selection  of Balance boards today to perfect the art of Surfing!

We here at Arker Sports provide the best Balance Boards for every type of exercise and sport. As mentioned above a balance board has many benefits for anyone who would like to become active/fit. Check out our Ride on Road products for more information on how to get yours as soon as possible.
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